NHS app

If you’re a patient at our practice you can now use the new NHS app, a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services, including your COVID vaccinations, on your smartphone or tablet.

What the NHS app does

You can use the NHS app to:

  • Check your symptoms
  • Find out what to do when you need help urgently
  • Book and manage appointments at your GP practice
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Securely view your GP medical record
  • Register to be an organ donor
  • Chose how the NHS uses your data

If you already use SystmOnline you can continue to use it if you prefer, or you can use both.

If you are currently NOT registered for online services

If you have not previously signed up for online services, you can sign up on the NHS app without contacting the surgery. Just follow the instructions on the app. You will need photo ID such as a passport or driving license.

Please note the NHS app currently can only be accessed via smartphone or tablet.

Once the app is launched nationwide in 2019, there will also be a web version you can access like a regular website.

For current web access, please use SystmOnline.

If you are already registered for online services

You will need 3 pieces of information to link your online services to the NHS app (Account ID, Organisation Code and Passphrase). To find these, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to SystmOnline on the website, not the app.
  2. Go to Account > Account Information and retrieve the Practice Organisation Code and Account ID. Write these down.
  3. Log out from SystmOnline.
  4. Select Re-issue Third Party Passphrase.
  5. Input your Account ID, Email Address and Organisation Code, then click Re-Issue Passphrase to retrieve your passphrase.
  6. Once you get your passphrase, follow the instructions on the NHS app to setup your NHS login and use the 3 pieces of information you need to link your account to the app.

If you have any issues using or downloading the app, check the NHS app help and support page